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Judith Guasch talks about her personal experience as a scientist and her research in the “Cicle Ciència i Futur”

On 24 October 2021, Llorenç Rafecas, founder of the pharmaceutical company Enantia and President of “El Centre”, interviewed ICMAB researcher Judith Guasch in the framework of the “Cicle de Ciència i Futur” organized by “El Centre”; a cultural center of Llorenç del Penedès. Judith explained her personal experience as a researcher and her developments in the field of biomaterials for cancer immunotherapy.

Our cancer research at the new issue of the "CSIC Investiga" magazine

Judith Guasch and her group at the Nanomolunit are focusing on the development of hydrogels for the culture of T cells used for cancer immunotherapy through the adoptive cellular therapy. This therapy is based on reinforcing and multiplying T cells of the own body. The idea is to create 3D hydrogel structures that imitate the lymph nodes where T cell proliferate, to grow and modify them and introduce them back to the body.